Mr. Gulab Singh


Through my experiences, I have come to believe ,
” Success is a state of mind .” When one’s mind is
positively charged, the ambience is
automatically charged . When you carry a smile on your
face , others feel happy , at comfort and motivated .
Defence services are synonymous with sterling consistency and tough mind – set. So as to sacrifice with plain sense of
Irrespective of what your target is, when you have cultivated such a mind as this, it works wonders!What you only have to
do – you will have to adopt consistency, with sterling honour for each minute and second which is fleeting, otherwise.
Thus, living by objectives – your whole existence obtains different proportions and meaning.
You tread on with a definitiveness in your steps. What is
more is, you find an objective air around you ; and no delays, only a go-getter look in your eyes ! With this state of positivity
in mind, you are beginning to believe in yourself.
To be focussed is a must ! As you start following a definite
agenda, as you start your day with a positive thought and
start following a definite agenda, your life amazingly and
suddenly finds a whole new meaning.
The Philosophy of OLQ’S (officer-like qualities) has been the leading principle behind all the activities in the academy.
The highly experienced and dedicated staff works hard to provide meaningful education, Spiritual direction and leadership
skills to the students.
Hence, I herald all the aspirants to take optimal utility of the OLQ’s training ; in – class training and the S.S.B. orientations;
the library updated ; physical fitness regime and all the rest facilitations offered.

Welcome to “Warriors’ Defence Academy”. Be have, be bold, dare and so. Nothing Will be impossible No obstacle is insurmountable. Once mind is made up and you stand firm as a rock, no one can stop you from gaining your goal and crowning youself with success.

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